Leonardo Da Vinci

welcome to the cabinet of curiosities!

This is a forum for things that I hope may give us all pause for thought, a sense of wonder at the world or perhaps, the impetus to evolve by an inch or two.

What you see here is the culmination and manifestation of a journey that began several years ago with a realization that, if all matter is composed of the same elemental bits–atoms, molecules, etc.–then all things are related. No, not just related, connected without end in every direction, beyond what my mind is capable of comprehending. It’s all one thing. We are all one thing. Once I incorporated this into my global vision, it changed my relationship to everything and everyone. How can you treat one part of the one thing different than another?

What one of us does affects us all.

When we know this deeply and act from it as much as possible, the world moves a tiny bit closer to being in the natural flow.

Preaching to the Choir

Facebook is the only social media platform on which I participate, unless you count the occasional foray into Pinterest. I spend not-insignificant time every day

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I’ll bet the “M” word gets your attention and maybe sets your heart racing a little…or even a lot. I know it can do that

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