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Leah McCloskey | Chief Heart-ographer | LM Studioabout leah mccloskey

chief heart-ographer

Leah is a storyteller, an artist, a sharer of ideas. She is many things, but really all one thing. Everything she does aligns to her “North Star”…the heart of what she does is her heart. And what’s good for her heart is good for the world. She’s intelligent, intuitive, imaginative. She makes life her work, and her work her life (and that’s a HAPPY thing).

Leah is an investigator of life—a life-long learner—open to ideas and up for anything. She’s ready to laugh. She’s a people lover, a great collaborator. Her breadth of work is full of life…she paints, illustrates, designs. She does yoga. She once was a professional ballroom dancer, and movement moves through everything she creates. She asks questions and seeks multi-sided answers.

She’s interested in your journey, how you want to evolve. She’s ready to hold space for you, to guide you from Here to There.

about the biz…

LM Studio, established in 2000, is an award-winning, full-service graphic arts & marketing communications studio creating imaginative and intelligent design by employing good communication and an intuitive sensibility. Our clients will tell you that we are easy to work with and “hit the target” with seeming ease on every project. Unlike the experience they might have when working with larger, more impersonal agencies, our clients benefit from direct contact with the creative sourceNothing gets lost in translation.

If your project calls for it, we assemble a virtual team – writers, photographers, PR mavens, web experts– that can synergistically manifest the ingredients to blend into that perfect marketing tool.

Assignments include corporate identity, brochures, sales literature, annual reports, ads, catalogs, web site design, direct mail, newsletters, package design, and trade show graphics and booth design, as well as traditional and digital illustration.

With over 30 years’ depth of skill and breadth of seasoning, Leah has built LM Studio to provide clients the benefits of high-quality, on-target and on-time service and product. We bring ideas vibrantly to life. Our attention to detail and rare versatility of style will produce results that command the attention you deserve.